Thursday, 1 May 2014

Foreign Film Apocalypse: Who Would You Save?

The aliens have arrived!  They've decided that they want all of our foreign language films (they can't bare English) and we're never allowed to see them again!  However, these aliens aren't so harsh; they've said, in their own alien language, that we can keep the cinema of four countries.  

So, which countries' cinematic history would you save?

Here are my picks...

#1  France
While French cuisine doesn't entice me and I'm not over-enamoured by vin français, I have happily feasted on French cinema over the last 10 years.  Whether its the likability of great actors such as Gerard Depardieu or Daniel Autueil, the beauty of stars like Marion Cotillard (above, as Edith Piaf in Le Vie En Rose), Audrey Tautou and Juliette Binoche, the quirkiness of a Jean-Pierre Jeunet flick, or the pure grittiness of movies such as La Haine or A Prophet... there are so many great movies from over the Channel that the French would certainly be top of my list.  The French also had a recent win at the Oscars with Best Foreign Language Film being awarded to 2012's Amour.

To see my Top Ten French Movies, CLICK HERE.

#2  Spain
Spain has supplied some of my favourite movies, including those made by Mexican director, Guillermo Del Toro, such as Pan's Labyrinth and The Devil's Backbone.  Similarly, Spain's most famous director is probably Pedro Almodovar, who was responsible for the amazingly dark The Skin I Live In (above), and his film All About My Mother was 1999's Best Foreign Language Film according to the Academy Awards.  The last Spanish movie to pick up the aforementioned gong was The Sea Inside, which starred Javier Bardem, who (along with Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz) has gone on to great success in Hollywood.

#3  Argentina
In my experience, the Argentines are consistently good film makers.  Check out The Motorcycle Diaries, Bombon El Perro (above) or The Secret in Their Eyes, which won 2009's Academy Award for Best Foreign Lanaguage Film, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

#4  Denmark
If you like your movies with a kiss of darkness, which I do, Denmark appears to be the place to find it.  Check out Festen (above) or The Hunt, which was nominated for 2013's Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars, and you'll see what I mean.