Saturday, 20 November 2010

The List Hero's Favourite "non -musical" Films of the 60's

The sixties were a time when musicals were ruling the cinemas... The Sound of Music, Oliver, Jungle Book, West Side Story, Mary Poppins, Hello Dolly, and not forgetting the Beatles' films.  And, although I do enjoy some of these movies, musicals are not really for me.  So here's my top 5 sixties flicks that don't burst into song at the beginning of each scene.

5.  In the Heat of the Night  (1967)

In three words:  Racially tense drama

4.  Kes  (1969)

In three words:  British heart warmer

3.  Psycho  (1960)

In three words:  Hitchcock's iconic thriller

2.  Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?  (1966)

In three words:  One long argument

1.  Midnight Cowboy  (1969)

In three words:  before its time

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